Rev. Kara S. McCoy

Australian National Conference ’24 Training Notes

Course Title:  Building Blocks and Challenges to Children’s Revival

Course Description: 
It is a basic and life-giving responsibility of the Church to raise up our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). Revival in your Sunday School brings power, spiritual unity, and blessing. Our kids can learn to worship and connect with their Creator. But with 62% of children spending at least 7 hours per day on social media, 54% reporting being cyberbullied, and 44% of children reported seeking inappropriate images intentionally at an average age of 12, it is an ever-increasing battle to protect them from worldly influences and ungodly lifestyles. Appropriate for pastors, leadership, parents, and anyone who is involved in the worship life of our children, this session will describe ways to ensure they have an increased opportunity to counteract the effects of the world and be committed to Christ. 


-Building Blocks and Challenges to Children’s Revival

Instructor:  Rev. Kara S. McCoy, MA, MS, 

Clinical Psychologist, (Doctoral Candidate)