Rev. Kara S. McCoy

Apostolic Editing

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Editor: "Kingdom Come" - Lori Wagner

“Kingdom Come: Move in a Greater Dimension of Liberty and Power

by Lori Wagner

Edited: Kara S. McCoy



Miracles. Healing. Deliverance. Powerful moves of God. Glory released and lives transformed forever. It’s not just church history. It’s happening now. The atmosphere of Heaven is ablaze with the supernatural, but how do we conduct it from Heaven to Earth?

In Kingdom Come, Lori Wagner offers new insights on timeless biblical principles. Learn to position yourself in the flow of God’s Spirit and develop a greater dimension of connectivity. Serve as a conduit of His love, liberty, and power. It’s not an experience, it’s a lifestyle. The world is in great peril, and the kingdom of God needs you.


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Editor: Rico Smith: No More Taboo

Rico Smith is being used by God to address racism in the church. What once was a taboo is now the topic of a much-needed conversation between brothers and sisters of all races and generations.

Already a powerful preacher of the Word, Rev. Smith makes salient points that will go to work on the heart of all who read them.

You can check it out by clicking here!

Editor/Writer, The Pentecostal Pen

The Pentecostal Pen is a wonderful resource for the Apostolic reader who is interested in dynamic, fresh, and spiritual content. This blog is constantly adding posts, interviews, messages, and other Apostolic material to bless the lives and ministries of God’s people.

Kara functions as editor under the leadership of founder, Raymart C. Lugue.

Editor: Women Ministering to Women

Founded by Jessica M. Marquez, Women Ministering to Women is a powerhouse of motion and action, bringing hope, life, and spiritual awakening to women all over the globe.

Kara lends her skills to events and publications in this life-giving ministry.

Writer, UPCI Children's Ministries Blog

As a contributor to the Children’s Ministries Blog, Kara writes to provide content to assist today’s Christian Educator with helpful information to make their ministries more effective.

Apostolic Editor for the Apostolic Writer

As we write to add Apostolic works to the library of Christian-influenced material in our world, we need an editor who understands our Bible-driven culture. If you are writing a book that is aimed at the Apostolic community, or even a book that you hope to draw in a mainstream audience, it is important that the values and voice of the Apostolic writer come through loud and clear. 

It is my goal to assist you with clearing up the message, pointing your readers solidly to your scriptural foundation, and keeping the writing free of redundancies.

Whether it is a simple clean-up you are looking for, or assistance to work more closely through your manuscript for added depth and clarity, I am here to help! 

Send us an email today with us today! We offer to look over of a portion of your work to help you decide how you would like to move forward. 


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