Rev. Kara S. McCoy

Apostolic Mentorship &  Counseling

As we walk along the path of life, we will often develop questions and life situations that we seek help to understand or manage. When we discover someone who has walked that path before, and they are willing to share their experiences, it makes the journey easier.

Walking alongside others who are traveling this path of ministry allows us both to learn from each other, ask questions in a safe environment, and share the camaraderie of being in the field together. Field workers share knowledge, a common feeling of experience, and can make each other better by the knowledge they impart between them.

Our children also need mentorship! They need us to accept them for who they are and teach them how to improve their lives God’s way! We will be more likely to keep our young people in the church if we can engage them in the work of the Kingdom and reinforce their VALUE in both our eyes and God’s! Let me help you create a new mentorship program for not only the young, but the newer members of your congregation that need to plug into your church family! 

Me & Dad. So cute.