Rev. Kara S. McCoy

Teacher Training, Trauma and Special Needs

Utilizing my many years of working with children as well as in the community, teacher training has become an integral and transformative part of the revival experience! 

How do we endure the hardships of life? How do we recover when we may not even be aware that we are hurting? Each of us are individuals and the Lord works with us all individually. He cares about our needs and will help us to heal inside, no matter the hurts we may have faced. Tomorrow will be better! 

I am happy to work with pastors, saints, teachers and outreach workers to help them see the needs they are working with in their efforts for the Kingdom of God. When we welcome guests into our church, we are bringing them into the presence of the Lord, but we are also given a short window to offer them hope, love and grace. God wants us to be equipped to do MORE!


Me & Dad. So cute.