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North American Missions Evangelist

Children’s Evangelist, UPCI

Teacher Training

Mentoring & Counseling

ASL and English Daily Bible Reading

Editor for the Apostolic Writer

Rev. Kara S. McCoy

Apostolic Ministry to the Apostolic Church

My Background

As a child, I had no greater desire than to become a minister. My dad, the Rev. Ronald King, was an assistant to our pastor back in Anoka, Minnesota, and Mom led the choir. I truly believed that, like my parents, God had called me to make a difference in the lives of the people around me.

I attended Christian Life College from 1995-1999 to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree and then began working in the field with the Deaf population and within children’s ministries. I graduated with my masters in counseling in 2018 and am now working toward a Clinical Psychology PhD. 

With the help of many ministers and mentors all over the country, I endeavor to put into practice the things I have learned.

I am an ordained minister and evangelist with the United Pentecostal Church International. I travel and work full-time with various churches in all parts of North America. I love this life and the people of God!

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